40 days & 40 nights in the holy land: A walk across Jordan, Israel and Palestine


~900 miles


4 weeks

Elevation Gain

31,000 metres


February – March 2022

In winter 2023 I walked across Jordan, Israel, Palestine and the illegally occupied Syrian territory of the Golan Heights. I made up my own route along with following the Jordan Trail, Israel National Trail and Golan Trail. It ended up being about 1000 miles of desert ramble, including 30,000m of ascent, which I completed in just over a month. I didn’t cache any water along the way, as pretty much everyone else says you absolutely have to do. It’s possible to do this without caching if you plan meticulously and can cover a decent amount of ground each day.

Below are videos which document the trip in three parts. For the write up and pictures of this trip see the links to the articles below the videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 1: Jordan
Part 2: Israel
Part 3: Palestine
Part 4: Golan Heights